Regular driver testing

Stuff reports:

A Southland driving instructor is calling for regular re-testing of drivers in a bid to improve road safety, but the Ministry of Transport has ruled out introducing the measure.

DriveTech director Brian Frew said the thought of a person driving for several decades without being required to demonstrate their ability to drive under vastly different conditions was alarming.

Frew, who has more than 45 years of experience in the automotive industry and instructs car and drivers, said it was “little wonder” there were so many crashes under the present system.

“My opinions are just opinions, but think that every 10 years, people should update their road knowledge,” Frew said.

“Maybe they should even do a practical test, but they should at least have to show that they know the theory of the road rules.”

Road rules, road conditions and vehicles were constantly changing and some drivers may not have looked at the road code for more than 50 years because they were not required to, he said.


agree. Just because you passed a test once when you were 16, doesn’t mean you should not be tested again for 50 years. I think re-testing every ten years would be a sensible thing to do.

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