So much for road safety

In an blatant effort of bribery Helen Clark has announced that over 80 year olds will no longer be required to sit driving tests to ensure they are still able to safely drive.

Now if all these over 80 year olds were passing their tests, I presume there would not be pressure to drop the tests. So we have a Government which will allow drivers who would fail driving tests, to keep driving. Over 80 year old drivers are the age group second most likely to have accidents according to the Insurance Council.

Incidentally I actually support re-testing for all drivers. That would do far more for the road toll than ticketing people driving at 61 km/hr. I would suggest every ten years until 60, every five years from 65 to 80 and then every two years.

Incidentally Phil at whoar agrees with me that this is a blatant and dangerous election bribe.

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