What a surprise – Castro has stolen hundreds of millions

The Herald reports:

He portrayed himself as a man of the people who shunned the trappings of wealth.

But in reality , the longtime communist leader of Cuba, lived a life of pampered luxury and had a fortune of hundreds of millions.

Away from the prying eyes of his people, who suffered poverty and hardship after he seized power in a communist coup 55 years ago, Castro lived like a king. He had his own private island called Cayo Piedra which featured a floating restaurant, helipad and even a pen containing two pet dolphins. …

Castro, who stood down as Cuban leader in 2008 and handed power to his brother Raul, kept secret his wealth, which ran into the “hundreds of millions”, as well as up to 20 other properties dotted around Cuba …

Has there even been a communist leader who wasn’t personally incredibly rich, while insisting everyone else must remain poor in the name of equality?

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