Australian Labor defending welfare for millionaires

The Herald Sun reports:

LABOR has been left the lone champion of millionaire welfare recipients after a landmark deal was stuck last night between government and the Greens to redirect pensions to the poor.

More than 170,000 of Australia’s poorest pensioners will have their pension increased by $30 a fortnight in the wake of the decision.

So Labor was against giving poor pensioners more and rich pensioners less!

The government will cut the eligibility threshold for the part pension from $1.15 million in assets, on top of the family home, to $823,000.

More than 90,000 part pensioners, with assets more than $823,000 on top of the family home, would lose the part pension while 236,000 would have it reduced.

The pension rises have been achieved by the current taper rate of $1.50 per $1000 reverting back to $3, which had been in force for 15 years until the Howard government changed it in 2007.

Labor wanted to keep millionaire retirees on the part pension rather than direct savings to the poor.

The party of the working class!

Prime Minister Tony Abbott yesterday said Labor had gone from being the “workers party” to the “welfare party”.

What a great line.

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