Cremate at the time, not four years later

The Herald reports:

A judge would require “a very good reason” to allow a Christchurch woman to exhume the body of her partner who died four years ago so that she can have him cremated, a legal expert said today.

The family of a Christchurch father-of-three Jamie Robert Pooley, 27, who died on May 14, 2011, is fighting a legal battle to block his partner, Cheyenne Biddle from disturbing his grave.

The former under-18 New Zealand rugby league player and Aranui High School student was buried at Memorial Park Cemetery in Christchurch.

Friends and family, including his three sons, often visit his gravesite to pay their respects.

But now Ms Biddle wants to exhume his body for cremation.

This is weird. In the absence of directions in a will, the partner should decide between burial and cremation. But you decide that at the time. Changing your mind four years later is not a good thing.

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