This will make Boris even more popular

Stuff reports:

He’s the mayor of London – but he has a mouth like a sailor.

told a cabbie who was heckling him to “f– off and die” in a late-night tirade caught on camera.

The mayor, wearing a distinctive yellow cycling helmet, stopped his bike to give as good as he got with the cabbie. 

“You’re one of them mate, that’s what you are, one of them,” the cabbie tells the mayor.

“Why don’t you f— off and die, why don’t you f— off and die – and not in that order,” the Johnson shoots back.

As the cabbie drives off he yells, “Yeah bollocks, I hope you die – screaming!”

Classic Boris. This is why people love him.

The row may have been sparked because the passing driver felt Johnson wasn’t doing enough to protect city’s famous black cab industry from competition from Uber, the Sun reported.

The job of politicians should be to promote competition, not to try and protect industries from it.

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