Gove goes for it

Michael Gove has announced:

I have repeatedly said that I do not want to be Minister.

That has always been my view. But events since last Thursday have weighed heavily with me. I respect and admire all the candidates running for the leadership.

In particular, I wanted to help build a team behind Boris Johnson so that a politician who argued for leaving the European Union could lead us to a better future.

But I have come, reluctantly, to the conclusion that Boris cannot provide the leadership or build the team for the task ahead. I have, therefore, decided to put my name forward for the leadership.

really heats things up.

The Conservative Party rules are their caucus votes first and the top two candidates then go to a ballot of party members.

It is possible Theresa May and Michael Gove could get the most votes from MPs, meaning Boris won’t even be on the ballot for the members – where he has the most support.

So far the declared (or about to declare) contenders are:

  • Stephen Crabb ( Secretary)
  • Liam Fox (former Defence Secretary)
  • Michael Gove (Justice Secretary)
  • Boris Johnson (former Mayor of London)
  • Theresa May (Home Secretary)

UPDATE: Boris has decided not to stand. politics is exciting at the moment!

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