Can we crowd fund for the Police?

The Herald reports:

The family of a man fatally shot by police 16-years-ago are appealing to the public for help raising money to take the Crown to court over his death.

was shot by Senior Constable Keith Abbott in the main street of Waitara in 2000 and died from the wounds.

Mr Wallace, 23, had smashed windows and a police car with a baseball bat and a golf club and threatened to hit Mr Abbott before he was shot.

After lengthy legal battles that saw Mr Abbott acquitted of murder and the police cleared of all blame, Steven’s family have been granted permission to proceed with a new civil case.

They are arguing that the man was deprived the right to life.

High Court Judge Brendan Brown said the case can proceed on the condition the family can raise the $20,000 needed for security to cover the costs of a two week trial.

I’d donate to a crowd funded appeal for Constable Abbott.

Abbott has been cleared by the Police, the IPCA, the Coroner and a High Court jury. The reason Steven Wallace is dead is because of Steven Wallace – no one else. Abbott is just the poor guy who was forced to shoot him or die himself.

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