Beehive now a heritage building

Stuff reports:

Parliament’s executive wing has been made a category 1 historic place by Heritage New Zealand.

The ranking recognises its significance as a seat of government and its “modernist architectural design”.

Blyss Wagstaff, Heritage New Zealand advisor, said the building was outstanding in “aesthetic, architectural and technical importance”.

“Its unique structure has made it one of the most recognisable buildings in the country and an extraordinary physical landmark.”

The looks great from the outside.

Inside, it is very sub-optimal work environment. Offices are weird shapes, little interaction between different offices, and lots of concrete.

When the Government looked in the late 1990s at moving the Beehive and extending Parliament House to its full original design, I proposed that instead of moving the Beehive we turn it upside down and transform it into a battleship – ie throw it into the harbour.

Inside the Beehive are ministerial offices, the Cabinet room, Bellamy’s catering facilities and state reception areas.  

Its interior is laid out hierarchically, with the prime minister’s offices and the Cabinet on the top two floors, and ministerial offices in the conical tower of discs below.

For those wondering, the Cabinet Office is Level 10, PM’s Office Level 9, DPMC Level 8, Ministers on Levels 3 to 7.

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