60 fewer managers for Christchurch City Council?

Stuff reports:

staff are “upset” and “shocked” by news they stand to lose their jobs, their union says. 

Sixty jobs will go under a major Christchurch City Council restructure announced on Thursday.

Chief executive Karleen Edwards said the changes would start with those “at the top”.

Nearly half of the axed roles are management positions. Edwards said the intention was to improve customer service, not to save money.  

The changes mean:

– 175 roles will be disestablished and 115 new roles created.

– Executive leadership team positions would drop from seven to five.

– 79 of the disestablished roles are management positions, 15 are communications roles and 12 are marketing roles. 

So of the jobs going half are managers and a sixth are comms or marketing. Looks like a good restructure.

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