NZUSA woes

Salient has a very long feature on NZUSA, in the context of a vote next week by Vic students on whether to remain members.

A very detailed account of all the issues and power plays over the last few years. I’m quoted a few times.

I said to that if I was a Vic student I would vote for VUWSA to remain a member of , but only in exchange for better performance and accountability.

What I suggested is that campus student associations should stop thinking of being members of NZUSA, and start thinking of contracting them for services provided.

What I mean is that associations like VUWSA could sign a three year funding agreement with NZUSA. We will pay $x to NZUSA in exchange for NZUSA achieving the following for us and our students.

This would give greater funding certainty to NZUSA, but also greater accountability for the money. It could also even lead to some competition. You could have another body, or group, say “Hey we can provide those services for the same or less money”.

I think NZUSA has been doing better this year, than in many previous years. An example:

McCourt runs through his, and Haines’, list of achievements. They’re not insubstantial; across the political spectrum, most agree that McCourt has done a solid job. This year saw the culmination of a long-term project between NZUSA and the Government that massively reduced Studylink waiting times and reduced the number of dropped calls by over 99 per cent. After years of campaigning—albeit by associations around the country as well as NZUSA—the Government has indicated it will introduce minimum rental property standards. 

But the question will be whether a better performance this year will be enough to compensate for the poor performance of previous years.

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