Less discrimination in NZ workplaces

Stuff reports:

New Zealand workplaces are more diverse and accepting than those in Australia, an employment study says.

Research by human resources and recruitment company Randstad shows 78 per cent of New Zealand workers believed their company had an open and inclusive culture and 88 per cent valued diversity in the workplace.

The study of at least 400 New Zealand employees aged between 18 and 65 said 16 per cent of workers had experienced gender , compared to the global average of 21 per cent.

The study surveyed workers in 33 other countries, including Australia, where 25 per cent of workers said they had experienced discrimination.

Religious discrimination affected 9 per cent of New Zealand workers compared to 16 per cent in Australia, which was equal to the global average.

New Zealand was ranked one of the most tolerant towards workers of different races, with 10 per cent having suffered racial discrimination at work, compared to 20 per cent in Australia and a global average of 17 per cent.

So the levels of discrimination experienced in NZ workplaces was:

  • Gender 16% vs 25% globally
  • Religion 9% vs 16% globally
  • Race 10% vs 17% globally

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