This is why we should promote citizenship

Radio NZ reports:

Lilian Turner, 95, who faced deportation to Britain, where she had not lived since after the end of World War II, has been granted residence.

The widow’s case comes as the Law Society and immigration lawyers say they are seeing an increasingly tough stance on deportations by Immigration New Zealand.

But the agency said while it was focused on immigrants with criminal convictions, and those who posed a threat to national security, it had no intention of deporting Mrs Turner.

The appeals tribunal decision brings to an end a 13-year battle for Mrs Turner to regain the residence status she had nearly 40 years ago.

Mrs Turner and her husband moved to New Zealand in the 1970s, but their permanent resident status lapsed when they moved back to Africa.

Of course it is right she keeps her residency status, but for me this highlights why we should be promoting citizenship more, and restricting certain rights such as voting to citizens. If Mrs Turner had become a citizen during her 30 years living here, then she’d never have to worry about residency. But many do not become citizens because there are so few benefits in doing so.

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