The Shop Trading Hours vote

The House voted yesterday on the Government’s bill. This is a very modest law change which simply gives all local authorities the power to decide whether or not shops in their area can open on Easter Sunday. At present only a few historical areas can do this.

It was a whipped vote for National as a Government bill but a conscience vote for other parties. It passed first reading 75 votes to 45.

The 59 National MPs voted for it. Who were the other 16?

  1. Darrock Ball, NZF
  2. Mahesh Bindra, NZF
  3. Ria Bond, NZF
  4. Clare Curran, Labour
  5. Peter Dunne, UFNZ
  6. Te Ururoa Flavell, Maori
  7. Phil Goff, Labour
  8. Ron Mark, NZF
  9. Tracey Martin, NZF
  10. Clayton Mitchell, NZF
  11. Pita Paraone, NZF
  12. Winston Peters, NZF
  13. Richard Prosser, NZF
  14. David Seymour, ACT
  15. Barbara Stewart, NZF
  16. Fletcher Tabuteau, NZF

So well done to Clare Curran and Phil Goff for being the only Labour MPs to vote for it.

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