Wendys and alcohol

The moral police are up in arms in Christchurch reports Stuff:

Opposition to Wendy’s Hornby’s bid for a liquor licence is building as it emerges there are 17 other places that sell within a kilometre of the fast-food outlet.

A misleading figure as only six are on-licenses.

Wendy’s Hornby, on Main South Rd, has applied to the Christchurch City Council for a liquor licence between 8am and 11pm, seven days a week.

It is the first-fast food outlet in New Zealand to make such a move.

I don’t think I have eaten at a Wendy’s for 20 years. But if they want to be able to sell beer along with their food, and they comply with the law, why not. Why is a fast food restaurant deemed unsuitable and cafes and other restaurants deemed okay?

Council information supplied to Woods showed there were 17 licensed premises selling alcohol within 1km of the Wendy’s outlet.

“I think there’s plenty of places in the Hornby area where people can go and enjoy a meal and get a drink with it. I don’t think there’s any need for us to be licensing our fast-food restaurants.”

There were six on-licence premises within 1km of Wendy’s Hornby, five club licences and six off-licences, according to the council information.

The 17 number is deceptive as the fact you can buy some wine at a bottle store isn’t a substitute for whether you can have a drink with your meal. So it is really six on-licenses over 100 hectares of area.

Nora Rangi said she would stop taking her seven grandchildren to Wendy’s if the application was granted.

And that’s a fine response. But the owner of Wendy’s should get to make the decision on whether allowing beer and wine with food will lead to more or fewer customers.

In her submission, she said it allowed easy access to view alcohol consumption for young people.

No it is an offence to sell to under 18s, and the Police are vigorous with doing spot checks and prosecuting those who break the law. If Wendy’s sold to under agers they would lose any licence they gained.

Vicki Bretherton said she was worried about Hornby students and the fact people under 18 could be serving alcohol to customers.

No, under 18s can’t sell alcohol.

Several people said they felt comfortable sending their children to Wendy’s unsupervised, but that would change if the application was successful.

And that is not a decision for authorities. That is a decision from them and Wendy’s. If customers don’t like Wendy’s selling alcohol, then stop going. But don’t try and stop them from doing so, unless there is some reason to think they will breach liquor laws.

Wendy’s chief executive Danielle Lendich said last week the company wanted guests to enjoy a beer with a burger if they chose to, and it was a way for Wendy’s to “up its game”.

Non-alcoholic beverages would still be available, and no alcohol would be served at the drive- through or for takeaway guests.

“Many other family and quick service restaurants have liquor licences including Valentines, the old Cobb & Co, Denny’s and Lone Star, and many QSR [quick service restaurant] concepts that have opened more recently also have liquor licences including Burger Burger, Mexicali Fresh, Zambrero, The Coffee Club and Columbus, ” she said.
“Our principal business will remain the provision of meals to the public and we have no intention of becoming a bar or hangout where people sit all night and drink beer.”
I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

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