Should you lose your licence for this?

Stuff reports:

The kegs will be dry and the wine glasses empty at Trentham Racecourse for the first time next month after it failed a police booze sting on Wellington Cup Day.

But drunk punters horsing around were not to blame for Wellington Racing Club breaching its liquor licence on January 23.

Rather, it was an underage buyer with no ID being served on the seventh attempt of a police sting, after six previous efforts to illegally purchase had failed.

I’ve blogged before that I support suspension of liquor licenses for supermarkets that sell to under age purchasers.

But here the venue correctly refused six times in a row. Only on a 7th attempt did someone not check.

This is pretty unfair I reckon. A race day where you have maybe hundreds of temporary staff serving thousands with long queues is different to a supermarket or bar where you have permanent staff. There should be some threshold at which you conclude they are irresponsible but I am not sure only failing on the 7th attempt is it.

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