Little says okay for SAS to fight in Syria!

The Herald reports:

Labour leader says Labour would support sending Special Air Service troops to fight Isis if the right conditions were met.

Those conditions were having a clear and realistic objective, that it would have to be part of a multinational mission mandated by the United Nations and that the level of risk needed to be acceptable.

There is a UN mandate. So Labour have gone from total opposition to even having trainers behind the scenes in Iraq to sending the SAS in so long as there is a clear and realistic objective.

He also said there had to be a consensus between the US and Russia before any intervention would be effective.

Which means he is talking , not Iraq.

This is what he said about sending trainers to Iraq:

“We have a unique opportunity for moral leadership to show that there is a different way, a long-term way, and a lasting way to address the conflicts and the hatreds that exist in the world and in that region, and that is through supporting nation States—fledgling nation States, in some cases—to come to terms with their responsibilities, rebuild their economies, rebuild their communities, and give themselves the confidence and the means to repel the evil that is represented by Islamic State.

“We have turned our back on that option. Labour is opposed to sending troops to Iraq.”

Basically his policy a year ago was to hug and hope they repent. Now he is saying we could send the SAS in. A huge flip-flop.

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