Seymour’s call

The Herald reports:

Being offered ministerial positions at the age of 32 was a huge honour, Act leader says – but one he has nonetheless decided to turn down.

“I have got to get Act’s vote up by the next election. At the moment lots of people are saying nice things…but there is only one number that counts,” Mr Seymour said of his decision.

“It is a huge honour at 32, in your first year of Parliament to be offered a ministerial post…but I couldn’t do a lot more than I am doing now if I was made a minister. Being an under-secretary is quite a useful position. Well, at least that is my judgment.”

Not sure I can recall the last time someone who has never been a Minister turned down the opportunity. It can only help ACT and Seymour’s brand as being about policy, not baubles.

He told the Heraldthat, as well as rebuilding his party’s support, he wanted to ensure his member’s bill on End of Life Choice could progress, as “assisted dying is the kind of issue that brought me into politics”.

If he became a minister the voluntary euthanasia bill would have to be scrapped, and he was not confident any other MPs would put forward similar legislation.

I doubt anyone else would, sadly.

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