Another claim not verified by media

Stuff reports:

A struggling solo mum in Blenheim is only $34 better off a week since she came off the benefit and got a job.

The 48-year-old said Marlborough’s low wage economy meant it was harder for people to enter the workforce.

The early childhood teacher, who worked 29 hours a week, earned $21.90 an hour, just more than the living wage set at $19.25.

“When you weigh it up, is it worth going to work?

“The Government is trying to get everyone off the benefit but there is no incentive to work.”

She received $580 a week when she was on benefits looking after her three dependent children aged 10, 15 and 17. 

Her new job, which she also juggled with studying for a bachelor in early childhood education, paid $614 a week after her student fees were taken out.

She missed qualifying for a working for family support benefit by one working hour.

This is not correct.

According to the IRD calculator if she is working more than 20 hours a week she should receive $239 a week in family tax credits and $60 a week for in-work tax credits which is $299 a week on top of the $614 from her job.

Either the anonymous person quoted is not mentioning this, or they are unaware of what they should be getting. Regardless she should be around $335 a week better off in her PT job if she is getting the tax credits above.

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