Jetstar needs more capacity

The Herald reports:

Hundreds of customers were stranded in Queenstown overnight after their flight was cancelled.

Earlier today, a disgruntled Sam Collins emailed the New Zealand Herald to say his girlfriend, Rosie Shelton, was among more than 200 “irate” Jetstar passengers still at the airport, more than 24 hours after they were due to fly out of the resort town.

This is why I’ll never fly Jetstar.

It is great to have them providing competition and the cheaper fares on regional routes especially has benefited everyone.

But they have no spare capacity so when something goes wrong with a plane, it is not a 30 minute delay but a 24 hour delay.

Air NZ manages to have enough spare aircraft that they rarely have a domestic delay on more than minutes, or maybe a couple of hours.

If Jetstar wants to get rid of its poor reputation, it needs to invest in more capacity for when things go wrong.

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