Air NZ best and Jetstar worst

One News reports:

An airline and airport survey released on Friday by consumer advocacy group Choice found passengers rated lowest or equal lowest in six of nine categories including punctuality, comfort and meals.

The airlines ranking comes days after was announced Australia’s most reputable company, beating out the likes of Toyota, Apple Australia, Woolworths – and of course Qantas. 

An amazing achievement for Air NZ – to be ranked the most reputable company in Australia.

Jetstar claimed the survey was flawed because it did not include ratings for Virgin Australia-owned rival Tiger Airways.

Choice said it did not receive enough responses from Tiger passengers to merit inclusion.

So Jetstar’s response to being named the worst airline in the world is to say actually they are only second worst – Tiger Air might be worse!

This is one of many reasons why I have a requirement for speaking engagements that companies will not fly me on Jetstar to any destination.

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