Kids have a right to both parents

Stuff reports:

An Irish mum trapped in New Zealand with her children during a bitter dispute says her human rights have been violated by the country’s court system.

The woman, who can’t be named under Family Court rules, has been battling for custody since 2012, and will lodge a complaint with the United Nation’s Human Rights Complaint procedure.

“The international human rights of the children and I to a fair trial have been violated by the New Zealand Family Court during the investigatory stage,” she said. 

“I do not believe the children or I can have a fair trial in the family court in New Zealand.”

I know no details of this case, but reading between the lines it looks like the Irish mother had children with a NZ father. She has presumably been told no you can’t just leave New Zealand with the children, taking them away from their father. In other words he has rights, and the kids have a right to have both parents in their lives.

Having a kid with someone is a big issue. It does indeed mean that you can’t just choose to move countries with the kids as a unilateral decision.

She said a psychological report provided to the court contained false information, which has now put her children at risk of being put in court-ordered custody with Child Youth and Family.

“I am currently preparing a complaint ot the United Nations Human Rights Committee in regard to the violations of the children’s and mine rights to a fair trial,” she said.

Again I know nothing of this case, but my suspicion is that when you try and try a case through the media, your actual legal case is quite weak.

The woman, who has not been able to return to Ireland for 10 years, said as a result of the court allowing constant litigation in her case, she has been forced to leave her job to prepare for the appearances.  

Does she think the court should not allow litigation and the father should have no rights to access or shared custody?

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