Poor Phillip Smith

The Herald reports:

Balding murderer and sex offender Phillip John Smith has told a court prison authorities are violating his human rights because they refuse to let him don a toupee.

I would have thought a human right is the right not to have some sick fucker sodomise you when you are ten, not to have the same person stab your father to death, not to be stalked, not to be blackmailed, not to be driven to suicide etc etc.

Smith is suing Corrections in the High Court at Auckland because they have prevented him wearing a hairpiece ever since he used one as part of a disguise to flee to Rio de Janeiro in November 2014.

Sounds sensible. If he escapes again he won’t have such an easy disguise.

Representing himself at the judicial review on Monday, Smith said the days after he was returned to custody were among the lowest in his life because New Zealand newspapers ran pictures of him appearing bald on their front pages.

“I felt belittled, degraded and humiliated,” he said.

I’m bald. I don’t feel this is in anyway degrading or humiliating. He should feel degraded and humiliated that he is a pedophile and a murderer, not that he is bald.

He told the court he began balding in his early 20s and hairpieces gave him the confidence to present himself in public.

Well he is probably never going to be out in public again, so that doesn’t matter.

He said their decision was not proportionate to the risks and akin to using a sledgehammer to crush a nut, which failed to treat him with humanity and dignity.

A humanity that Mr Smith doesn’t have, and the dignity he robbed from his victims.

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