More weirdness in Clutha-Southland

Stuff reports:

Several people connected to embattled MP Todd Barclay’s electorate have been approached by police for interviews, while Parliamentary Services has confirmed it has also spoken to police.

Three resignations in Barclay’s Clutha-Southland electorate since the start of the year have raised questions about the MP’s relationship with his staff and party members, and the involvement of the police could put his position under further threat.

Swan told the Otago Daily Times that police had arranged a meeting with her, but that it had been postponed and she had “no idea” what it was about.

Swan would not repeat her comments when approached by, referring enquiries to Parliamentary Services.

However, it is understood that police have made contact with several people in the electorate as part of their enquiries.

The police involvement is believed to centre on a complaint about the “employment issue” which led to Dickson’s resignation – understood to relate to unproven allegations of a secret recording made by Barclay.

This seems weird.

I don’t know if any secret recording was made. If so, I would make the comment that secretly recording your staff is not a great idea unless you have strong reasons for doing so. But again, this allegation is unproven.

But even if true, I don’t see how the Police are involved. It is an offence to secretly record two people, if you are neither of them. It is not an offence to do it, if you are one of them. Maybe the allegation is the office was generally bugged, but that seems bizarre.

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