Clutha-Southland resignations

Stuff reports:

A third resignation has rocked National Party ranks in MP ’s electorate.

The party’s electorate chairman Stuart Davie resigned on Sunday evening.

He said on Monday it was “untenable” for him to carry on at this time.

Davie declined to comment further, but his departure raises further questions about 25-year-old Barclay’s relationship with his staff and party members in his electorate.

Davie’s resignation follows on the heels of Barclay’s Gore-based senior electorate agent Glenys Dickson resigning this month, with a party figure saying it was due to an “employment problem” between Dickson and Barclay.

Dickson was a respected figure in the electorate and her departure is understood to have caused disquiet among many people in National Party ranks.

I don’t know anything beyond what has been reported, but fair to say not a good look. They may all be unconnected, but regardless would be very unhelpful to have any further departures.

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