P in state houses

Stuff reports:

Nearly a quarter of homes built for a brand new state housing development in Christchurch have already been contaminated with less than a year later.

In most cases, the tenants were single mums with small children, including four toddlers under two.

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett said she found the figures “shockingly high” and the age at which some children were being exposed to P, or meth, was an “extreme concern”.

“Four of them are two years or younger, so wee babies. It’s at a time when they are most susceptible to their environment and they need the healthiest environment they can possibly get. There are some quite serious health effects [from P] with skin and respiratory conditions. And equally you have to question if its a healthy and safe environment. “

It’s not.

Of 19 houses built, two tenants have since been evicted after tests returned positive for P and two more evictions are underway.

And in a few months when they can’t get accommodation, they’ll run to the media who will run heartless government stories.

I hope they are investigated by CYF to ascertain if they are providing a safe upbringing to their kids.

The most recent figures show nearly 400 HNZ properties are uninhabitable as a result of P, and clean ups can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Most are a result of P use, rather than the houses being used as P labs.

So we give them massively subsidised income related rents, so they can spend the extra money on buying P!

In Christchurch alone there were 426 people on the social housing register – the millions of dollars spent on testing and treating P houses could have bought an extra 15 properties.

Just wasted money.

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