Young robbers need consequences

The Herald reports:

Police in South Auckland have labelled the actions of a group of young thieves who robbed a Papakura dairy “deplorable and disgusting”.

Counties Manukau district prevention manager, Inspector Dave Glossop, said police were still investigating the incident, which saw up to 10 teenagers storm the Redhill Superette and took $2500 worth of items from the store early yesterday evening.

Two shop keepers behind the counter are shown in CCTV footage arming themselves with a hockey stick and cricket bat. The youths, however, continue loading items including cigarettes into their arms before taking off.

Mr Glossop said: “We’re experiencing a lot of youth offending at the moment, particularly where offenders are a lot younger than we’re used to.

The robbery is so brazen, with the youths being easy to identify, that they seem to think they are immune from  consequences. I suspect most have been in trouble before. This time they need to face serious consequences.

Co-owner of Redhill Superette in Papakura Indy Purewal said about 10 teenagers, who he believed were all locals, came to the store about 5pm yesterday wanting to buy cigarettes.

The store workers refused to serve them as they didn’t have identification, he said.

About half the group started yelling at the two workers and taking items, while others remained outside, Mr Purewal said.

One of the youths took a worker’s iPhone6s, while another grabbed a large handful cigarettes, he said.

Other items were also taken and another youth tried to break into the shop till, he said.

Such a sense of entitlement. They went them to buy cigarettes, but when refused, decided that gave them the right to steal what they wanted.

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