No more double dipping on Auckland boards

The Herald reports:

The days of local politicians double-dipping on the Super City have ended after a bill by National list MP Alfred Ngaro passed into law last night.

Under the new law, candidates standing for Local Boards will no longer be able to serve on more than one Local Board.

At least three Local Board members — Lisa Whyte (Upper Harbour/Hibiscus and Bays), Warren Flaunty (Rodney/Henderson-Massey) and Grant Gillon (Kaipatiki/Devonport-Takapuna) — sit on two boards. Mr Flaunty sat on three boards in the first term of the Super City.

Board members earn between about $22,000 and $41,000 a year. Board chairs earn between about $50,000 and $91,000.

Ms Whyte, who chairs the Upper Harbour Local Board, is paid $110,900 for her two roles — more than the $101,900 salary of a councillor.

Mr Flaunty is paid $78,900 and Mr Gillon $79,000 for their two roles respectively.

The Local Government () Amendment Bill (No 3), Mr Ngaro said, would prevent double-dipping and protect against conflicts of interest.

Excellent. It was a nonsense to have these professional politicians double dipping and claiming to represent multiple areas.

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