The Australian left raised $60,000 for a career criminal

Duncan Storrar appeared on the Australian Q+A programme and asked a question attacking the Government’s announced tax cuts as they were providing nothing for low income earners like himself. He said more help for families like him would mean he could tell his little girls they can go to the movies this weekend as Daddy isn’t broke.

He became a hero to the Australian left and Australian liberal . He was the perfect symbol of an out of touch Government. They didn’t just fete him as the face of the ordinary Australian whom the coalition doesn’t care about, but they raised A$60,000 for him. The Twitter hashtag #duncanforpm started trending.

Then the truth about Storrar started to come out. And remember now that he decided to go on Q+A and to ask his question. Storrar put himself in the media spotlight, no-one else.

Then Storrar’s son spoke out, saying how at age 17 he went to live with him and got addicted to drugs due to him. He urged people to donate to charities, rather than giving to a someone “undeserving of the money”.

And then it came out that Storrar is a recidivist criminal with a list of convictions 20 pages long – including three spells in prison. So those blaming the Government for his situation start to look stupid, let alone those who raised $60,000 for him and proclaimed he should be Prime Minister.

His convictions include threatening to kill, unlawful assault and repeatedly breaching intervention orders.

We see this in NZ often too. Media rush in to fete someone who puts themselves forward as a victim without doing any due diligence on them.

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