More e-mails sent from Bali sex student

The Herald reports:

The suspended Auckland University student who emailed an offer of sex to her lecturer continued to send provocative emails.

Last week the Herald on Sunday revealed a 30-year-old physics student had been suspended after being found guilty of sexual harassment. The student said she emailed her lecturer in March asking: “Would you like to have sex in Bali?”

The Herald on Sunday has chosen not to name the student or the lecturer. More emails detail how the lecturer responded, rejecting the mature student’s advance.

“You wrote not to worry about crafting a reply, but I just want to confirm that my only interest is for you (and all the other students enrolled in [class name withheld] for that matter) to succeed academically.”

Within an hour of the lecturer’s first reply, the student sent the man another email: “You would deny that there was some strong chemistry?

“Not that you’d move to act on it, obviously not, but you mean you didn’t actually think of me at all?” she wrote. “It’s perfectly fine that you chose not to act on it as a teacher and as a married person. That’s your choice, of course.”

The lecturer responded again, this time with a warning.

“This communication is highly inappropriate and I wish it to stop with this email. Our interactions will be limited to the academic side of [class name withheld], and I have NO interests in any other forms. If that turns out not possible, you force me to report these matters to the appropriate channels in the university.”

The student fired back, telling the man she felt his reaction was “threatening” and made her feel like “expressing a crush on someone is some great and inappropriate violation”.

This is clearly inappropriate. The married lecturer has said he has no interest, and she is trying to get him to put in writing that he is attracted to her. No means no.

A good lesson to never believe one side of the story until you hear the other.

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