1st Air NZ safety video I’ve hated

Most of the Air NZ safety videos I have loved. The Men in Black one is great as was their original All Blacks one. The surfing one I loved watching and the LOTR ones were also really good (but got a bit tiring after a while).

Some have been merely okay (Richard Simmons) but overall pretty good.

But this latest one I really don’t like (even though I love Rhys Darby generally). It’s just not very interesting or funny. Watching is once is enough, let alone multiple times.

I note it has been viewed only 32,000 times which is small compared to others. Here’s how the others have gone:

  • The Hobbit (Epic) 15.7 million views
  • The Hobbit (Unexpected) 12.7 million
  • Safety in Paradise 7.0 million
  • Men in Black 3.7 million
  • Middle Earth 3.1 million
  • Richard Simmons 3.0 million
  • Betty White 2.5 million
  • Bear Essentials 2.4 million
  • Ed & Mel 1.3 million
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