May destroys Corbyn reports:

Asked a question by the Labour leader about “job security”, Mrs May ripped into Mr Corbyn for ignoring the clamour from his own MPs for him to resign, being forced to ask his few loyal MPs to take on multiple jobs and managing to change the party rules to allow him to contest the upcoming leadership contest.

“I’m interested that he refers to the situation of some workers who might have some job insecurity and potentially unscrupulous bosses,” she quipped. “I suspect that there are many members on the opposition benches who might be familiar with an unscrupulous boss.

“A boss who doesn’t listen to his workers.

“A boss who requires some of his workers to double their workload.

“And maybe even a boss who exploits the rules to further his own career.”

Pausing for dramatic effect she leaned across the despatch box and added: “Remind him of anybody?”

Superb. Look at the video on the link. Devastating.

Mrs May also used the occasion to attack Labour for the party’s record on woman leaders.

In a devastating assault on Mr Corbyn, she said: “In my years here in this House I’ve long heard the Labour Party asking what the Conservatives party does for women.

“It just keeps making us Prime Minister.”


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