Grey Power wants legal pot

Radio NZ reports:

A group of Northland retirees who have never taken illegal drugs have started a petition to legalise marijuana.

The Otamatea chapter of unanimously voted in May in favour of legalising the drug.

They have now started a petition, which they sent out to all the other 32 Grey Power chapters around the country.

Otamatea Grey Power president Beverley Aldridge said the drug had been used medically for over 10,000 years and it was only since 1961 when many governments made it illegal.

“None of our [members] actually takes it yet, but we want to be able to take it. We’ve seen our loved ones – you know, family and friends – dying in extreme pain and we don’t want to go through that.”

I’m all in favour of Grey Power campaigning to legalise pot.

My worry is that they’ll then demand they get taxpayer funded discounts on it, via their Super Gold Cards!

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