Paranoia up north

The Northern Advocate reports:

The head of a chapter promoting medicinal believes her group is being “sabotaged”, after an Air Force plane flew “very low” over her home.

Otamatea Grey Power put its weight behind the legalise cannabis movement in April this year, saying they want to have the choice of dying pain-free. The group then launched a petition asking the Government to legalise the growing of cannabis for personal medicinal use.

Now, president says her group was being “sabotaged and maybe intimidated”, after an Air Force Hercules flew over her Maungaturoto home on July 18.

“All of a sudden it’s happening. I don’t believe in coincidences and I’m not paranoid,” Ms Aldridge said.

Umm, yes you are.

I’m sure that the Government orders the Air Force to buzz homes of Grey Power presidents because they launched a petition.

Ms Aldridge said she had no proof to back up her suspicions, “but one does wonder”.

Ms Aldridge said she was not a cannabis user herself but had researched the plant and come to the conclusion it had a myriad of benefits.

One of those benefits is triggering paranoia!

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