A good return on investment

The Herald reports:

Destiny Church co-leader has treated herself to a second Mercedes-Benz in seven months.

The wife of controversial, self-appointed Destiny leader Brian Tamaki has this time splashed out on a brand new Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 450 Coupe.

The car has a normal retail price of $153,500.

The Tamakis are obviously shrewd investors. Their decision to invest in the religion market is paying off well, and good on them.

I imagine like all good business people, they looked at what marker would provide the best return on investment. It was probably something like:

  • Residential real estate 10% per annum
  • Commercial real estate 9% per annum
  • Car sales 14% per annum
  • Amway 6% per annum
  • Religion 35% per annum

Deciding to finance their retirement through setting up a religion obviously had the highest potential returns. The risks are greater, but once you cover the capital costs you have perpetual tithe income.

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