Minto wants employers to be able to cut salaries unilaterally

Stuff reports:

“So how do you pay for that? We would pay for it by reducing the salaries at the top management level in the council,” Minto said.

There were 317 people being paid more than $100,000 at council, along with 13 receiving more than $200,000, he said.

“What we’re saying is the maximum should be $160,000, which is four times the living wage.

“If I won the mayoral race the very first thing would be I would suffer a reduction in salary from $187,000 to a mere $160,000,” Minto said, adding the chief executive would receive the same pay.

So Minto thinks employers should be able to break employment contracts and unilaterally cut the pay of employees.

I wonder what his mates at Unite think of that concept.

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