Give communism a go in Auckland

The Herald reports:

The salaries paid to the Auckland Mayor and the council’s chief executive would be slashed drastically if one candidate has his way.

is pushing for a living wage of $18.40 per hour for all council workers.

He says it would be funded by cutting the salaries paid to the mayor, chief executive and other senior managers.

“We would tie the mayor’s salary to four times the living wage, and we would tie the CEO’s salary to five times the living wage.”

Mr Minto’s plan would see the mayor’s salary cut from $240,000 a year to $153,000.

But the chief executive would take a much bigger hit – more than half a million dollars would be slashed from that salary, taking it from $768,000 to just under $200,000.

I urge Aucklanders to vote to trial . Just because it has failed in Cuba, Laos, the USSR, Vietnam, China, North Korea, Ethiopa, Kampuchea and East Germany is purely bad luck.

Now that Labour has declared they believe in equality of outcome, not just equality of opportunity, I look forward to them endorsing John Minto for Mayor.

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