Meet the US Green VP candidate

The Daily Beast has an article on Ajamu Baraka, the candidate for Vice-President of the US. They focus on his writing for a book edited by a denier which includes an article by someone who once made a video explaining how Hitler was right!

His Wikipedia page gives us a lot of other insights into him. Extracts include:

  • referring to the US as a corrupt, degenerate, white supremacist monstrosity
  • that Israel has more repression than North Korea
  • the kidnapping and of three Israeli teenagers was a false flag operation by Israel
  • opposed the 2015 Ukrainian revolution as a US supported coup
  • said the shooting down of MA17 over may have been a false flag operation
  • said the Boko Haram kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls is probably exaggerated
  • says is designed to “benefit a parasitic white minority ruling class”


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