Idiots and Bigots

Radio NZ reports:

Yugraj Singh Mahil is pictured on the billboard with another candidate, Anna Casey-Cox. Both are first-time candidates in the city’s east ward, standing as part of the Community Voice group.

Mr Mahil had a busy day handing out leaflets yesterday and did not find out about the defaced billboard, on the corner of Carrington Ave and Vesty Ave, until RNZ told him last night.

“It’s more than insulting,” he said. “People mostly change the appearance of the person but tagging such a group is very harsh, very distressful.”

Mr Mahil said in his 17 years in Hamilton he had never faced that sort of behaviour. “I think this is due to the turban; that happens sometimes, people get confused, they think only Muslims wear turbans.”

The person or persons responsible obviously have a very low IQ, plus equally low decency.

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