Some minor electoral changes

The Herald reports:

Law changes are on the way to stop politicians campaigning around advance voting booths and to prevent a repeat of a 2014 ban on a satirical music video.

Justice Amy Adams said the Government was likely to adopt all of the recommendations made by a select committee inquiry into the 2014 election.

That included clarifying the law to make it clear satirical and humorous productions were exempt from strict advertising and broadcasting rules that apply to election programmes. …

Adams also expected to change the law before 2017 to cater for the increasing trend of advance voting in 2014 and the Northland byelection after that.

That would result in a ban on election campaigning or campaign advertising around advance voting booths, as well as providing more booths and allowing votes to be counted earlier.

Last election some people had to wade through placard waving activists to get into a voting booth. think it is sensible to not have campaigning around the advance voting booths.

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