Unitary Plan panel went for flexibility

The Herald reports:

Shoebox apartments could be back in Auckland after they were banned in 2007.

A new rulebook for the city that envisages significant apartment living has recommended no minimum size for apartments.

A proposal by for a minimum size of 30sq m has been deleted by the independent hearings panel in final recommendations on the rulebook, or Unitary Plan.

Council and other submitters argued minimum sizes are necessary to ensure space and amenity for residents.

Instead, was swayed by developers who argued minimum size apartments were not needed as the market and other development standards would ensure appropriately sized apartments.

I agree with the developers, as did.

As well as doing away with minimum dwelling sizes, the independent hearings panel has recommended the deletion of density limits, minimum sizes for main living rooms and bedrooms, minimum ceiling heights, separation between buildings and requirements for a front fence.

Great. Not everyone wants or can afford the same thing. I have far greater trust in the decision making by the person  building the house as they have to find someone who will buy it and want to live in it.

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