WCC Mayoral candidates on rates

Thanks to the candidates who have filled in the WCC Candidates Survey I blogged about.

We have responses from the six major Mayoral candidates, so over the next week I’ll blog their responses to the various questions.

After that I’ll start on the responses from the ward candidates.

We have responses from Nick Leggett, Nicola Young, Justin Lester, Helene Ritchie, Andy Foster and Jo Coughlan.

What is the maximum average annual rates increase, if any, you would vote for over the next three years?

  • Nick Leggett: 3.0% – for residential and commercial
  • Nicola Young: Freeze at inflation
  • Justin Lester: 3%
  • Helene Ritchie: Depends on the budget. Around 3 %. No reckless spending and silly promises aka “Big Ideas” and Pandas
  • Andy Foster: 3% and will work to reduce that if elected Mayor
  • Jo Coughlan: Align with Long Term Plan 2015-2025 as consulted: on average 3.9% for ten years. We still need to look at ways to reduce costs and this average increase.

So four candidates are at the 3% mark, one candidate at no more than inflation (currently 0.4%) and one candidate at 3.9%.

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