WCC Mayoral scores


Following on from the survey of Mayoral candidates, I thought I’d do a simple summary of how close their policies and views were to my own. That being very low rate increases, no contribution beyond the share of shareholding to the airport, four lanes for the tunnels, keep 4 am closing, keep fluoridation and not require council contractors to pay any particular wage rate beyond the legal minimum.

is an influential factor in how I will vote. It is not the only factor because I will also look at other factors such as leadership, ability to work with others, approach-ability, voting records etc.

In order the candidates were:

  1. 6/6
  2. 5/6
  3. and Justin Lester 4.5/6
  4. Andy Foster 4/6
  5. Helene Ritchie 2.5/6

Again is not the only factor. And the scoring system is very simple, when actual evaluation is more complex. But I have found the responses useful, and hope others have too.

I plan to repeat the exercise with candidates in each ward.

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