Auckland Council Voting Guide


The Spin Off has done a voting guide for Auckland Council. They have mainly focused on whether people agree with their views on transport and housing. Sadly they have totally ignored anything about fiscal discipline and have endorsed several candidates who voted for the 9.9% rates increases (they are shown in italics – do not vote for them). So voting for some of their endorsements will probably see many more years of large rates increases.

While The Spin Off is left leaning, and many of the candidates endorsed are Labour and Greens affiliated, they have shown some free thought and endorsed Bill Ralston and Denise Krum for example. Worth reading their voting guide even if not agreeing to it.

The Auckland Ratepayers Alliance has a list of 25 candidates who have signed their pledge to not vote for any rates increase over 2%. Also Auckland Future candidates have their own policy of not supporting a rates increase over 2%.

I’m not an Aucklander but follow Auckland politics closely. So I’ve also done my own voting guide to whom I would vote for in each ward. The main criteria is fiscal responsibility, but also based on whether they would contribute well to the governance of the city. So if you want an affordable city, this is whom I would vote for.

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