Sevens sounding better

Stuff reports:

The are in for a facelift.

A “revitalised” sevens plan will include a party zone in the stands where “rugby meets rave” to entice people back to the game.

A number of proposed changes including a “fizz and food alley” and match-up of Wellington bars with competing teams were outlined at a recent meeting of Wellington retailers.

Proposals included a “fizz and food alley” that would combine the Beervana and Wellington On a Plate experience with the rugby.

And matching 16 bars in Wellington to host each of the 16 teams.

The plan for a “mix zone” or party zones in the stadium with DJs in each section was also raised.

They all sound good ideas. The recent trend of promoting it as a family outing has failed miserably. It is a two day party. Better food and drink, linking in with bars and party zones all sounds good.

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