Capital and Coast DHB candidates

There are 20 candidates for seven positions. Not going to go through all 20 candidates, just highlight the ones who seem sensible and worth supporting.

I’m looking for people with governance experience who can make good decisions on complex issues, and oversee $700 million of health expenditure.

A background in health can be useful, but avoid people who have a conflict of interest and employed or contracted to the DHB. I also avoid people who see their role as a DHB member is to be a political activist, rather than a governor.

Those who looks promising are:

  • Sue Driver – good governance and health background. Former Labour Councillor but very sensible.
  • Fran Wilde – like Driver former Labour but sensible. Great track record of achievement
  • Ross Church – has done a good job as Mayor of Kapiti.
  • Roger Blakeley – has a good background as a central and local CEO
  • Ana Coffey – current Deputy Mayor of Porirua. Young and effective
  • Tavita Filemoni – don’t know him personally but seems to have a good background
  • John Apanowicz – strong health and governance background

So these are the seven I’ll rank as my top seven.

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