Do not fly high to Indonesia

The Herald reports:

The New Zealand woman was arrested in Bali after allegedly bringing into the country yelled for hours and was inconsolable, said an onlooker.

Indonesian media have named her as Myra Williams from Taupo.

Williams reportedly flew to Denpasar from Melbourne and was questioned by Indonesian authorities over allegations she brought the drug into the country with her. Officials found 0.82g of methamphetamine.

Auckland woman Holly Potton was waiting for her bags at Ngurah Rai International Airport for over an hour when Williams was detained on August 31. She said Williams was extremely upset and uncooperative. At one stage she had 22 Indonesian officials surrounding her.

“She kept yelling that she didn’t feel safe.

“She was yelling that she had been ‘in that little room all f***ing day’.”

Potton, 26, said at one stage an official physically tried to take her back to the room

“At which point she resisted further and sat on the ground. She sat on the [ground] there abusing female staff and she yelled several times…”

Two people from Potton’s flight tried to get involved, she said. One yelled at Williams to shut up and another woman tried to talk to her and the officials but was told to go away. Potton said another passenger recorded Williams on his cellphone but a customs officer made him delete it.

Potton thinks the Indonesian officials were waiting for her flight to get their bags and leave before dealing with her “because it was causing such a scene”.

A Bali airport policeman told NZME Williams had appeared confused while lining up for her passport. He said she took a rest on the sofa for around 30 minutes.

The policeman said they’d found 0.82g of methamphetamine on the sofa next to her where she was taking a rest.

Flying high anywhere is a bad idea. Flying high to Indonesia is an even worse idea.

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