Progress on Shelly Bay

Stuff reports:

Plans for a revamp of Shelly Bay could be given a new lease of life after a developer reached a deal with the Wellington City Council.

Ian Cassels, director of The Wellington Company, has been working on a plan for Shelly Bay that has been likened to San Francisco’s seaside town of Sausalito.

The rundown wharf and derelict and naval buildings on the Miramar Peninsula  would be replaced with a new seaside community.

It is understood Cassels is in the process of buying the council’s land at Shelly Bay, which will allow him to proceed with his plans.

While Cassels would only confirm he was in negotiations, council chief city planner David Chick confirmed an agreement had been reached for Cassels to buy the council land.

The council was working through what a partnership model might look like, he said.

“The idea is for a partnership model, where the council land, iwi land and private land come together to create a better outcome,” Chick said.

think that we can have a housing outcome and rich layers of different experiences that people will come to see.

Great to see progress. The views from Shelly Bay are stunning and would be an amazing place to live. Also will be very popular place to visit if they get more cafes there.

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