Shelly Bay

Stuff reports:

A San Francisco-style development is being tipped for ’s with ferries running to and from the city – and a cable car up the hill to a new housing area.

It is understood that high-end homes, restaurants, a brewery and  shops are also planned for the run-down area.

Speaking from China last night, property developer Ian Cassels confirmed that a cable car  had been considered in conceptual plans for the area.

Shelly Bay could potentially be the most beautiful and sought after area in Wellington. It has great views, but apart from the great Chocolate Fish cafe, is mainly crumbling ex Air Force buildings.

Work had started to investigate upgrading the decrepit Shelly Bay wharves to safe standards, which would cost an estimated $300,000 to $350,000.

East by West Ferry managing director Jeremy Ward confirmed he had met Cassels’ Wellington Company about starting a ferry service to Shelly Bay.

If the Shelly Bay wharf were fixed, the ferry company could start a service “pretty much straight away” for weekend runs.

A ferry from Queen’s Wharf to Shelly Bay is a great idea. I’d use it often.

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