Shelly Bay update

Stuff reports:

The future shape of Wellington’s revamp is becoming clearer, with new plans hinting at more than 350 homes, a boutique hotel, a brewery, a rest home and a ferry service.

If I had to go into a rest home one day, I’d want one at Shelly Bay.

But Wellingtonians, who own a large chunk of Shelly Bay, will not get a say on whether resource consent for the $500 million development on the Miramar Peninsula site should get the final tick.

The non-notified resource consent is currently was working its way through Wellington City Council processes and only council staff – not even elected councillors – will decide whether it gets the green light.

As is proper. If an application complies with the rules, it should not be subject to a popular vote. It is a matter between land owner and developer.

According to the consent application there will be a 140-resident rest home, a boutique hotel with 50-odd rooms, 280 apartments, 58 townhouses and 14 standalone houses at Shelly Bay. …

There was also potential for a community centre, micro-brewery, restaurant, cafe, artist’s studio and shop, a gym, childcare and a medical centre.

Please let there be a cafe there!

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